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Insurance Restoration Process

Insurance Restoration Process

The Inspection and Filing of a claim
A Select Exteriors Specialist will perform a complete FREE inspection of your entire property, including any personal property that may have been damaged.

;After the inspection, if the damage warrants an insurance claim you will have to initiate the claim, by placing a call to your agent or insurance company's claims center and inform them of the damage to your home and the specific date it happened.

You will receive the claim number from your insurance agent or claim center, then call your Select Exteriors Representative and provide them with your claim number, adjusters name and phone number. We will then contact the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim and schedule an appointment with the adjuster to meet at your home, unless you already have an appointment set.
The Insurance Adjustment
Our trained specialist will meet with your adjuster and help locate all the damage to your property. We will then agree with the adjuster on the scope of the damage to your home. If we believe there is damage that is denied then you have the right to a new adjuster and re-inspection of your home. Most of the time, it will be taken care of the first time. But it's when we are not present at the time of the adjustment that denials are made.
After the adjustment
When the claim is approved your insurance company will send you a written estimate (“Scope of Loss”) in the mail, along with a check. This can take as long as 2 weeks depending on the adjuster and the insurance company. In some cases it may be on the spot if the insured is present.

Once you have received the insurance estimate and the check please call your Select Exteriors Representative to schedule a time for your restoration specialist to come to your home to meet with you.

At this appointment your Select Exteriors Representative will assist selecting the new building materials for your home. We will get all of the necessary paperwork filled out and review the insurance estimate, so that you are in complete understanding.

If the insurance estimate is missing items that were not initially discussed with the adjuster during the adjustment, we can usually correct it with a phone call. However if the insurance estimate is incomplete or inaccurate a re-inspection will be needed. After all of the necessary paperwork is complete, the material selections have been made and your down-payment check as been given, your Select Exteriors Representative will turn the job over to our production staff.
The Work Begins/Completion
Our Production staff will contact you within 1 week of receiving your paperwork, to schedule your project.

Our Production Staff will inform you of when the materials and dumpster will be delivered to your property, after the materials are delivered we can begin the building process.

The building process usually takes place the day or two after your material drops, weather permitting. If there is any change to the schedule you will be notified immediately by your Representative or someone from our production staff.

Once your home is restored, you and your Select Exteriors Representative will perform a final walk thru inspection of your home and property to ensure the work completed meets your satisfaction.
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After completion we will invoice your insurance company directly (and send you a copy) for the remaining depreciation or balance of the claim. Once you receive this final check contact our office or your Select Exteriors Representative and we can arrange a time to meet or have you send it in.

Please be sure that all checks are endorsed and signed over Payable to Select Exteriors. This will ensure that all payments are made to the company and cannot be endorsed by another party. If your mortgage company is listed as a payee they will need to be contacted in order to get their endorsement and will have their own policies and procedures.